Transformative Leadership

“Trauma and pain afflict not only individuals. When they become widespread and ongoing, they affect entire communities and even the country as a whole.”

– Marta Cabrera

Transformative Leadership

Using a Transformative Organizing model, we build the political power of youth and parents while simultaneously healing and addressing the trauma and oppression they experience, so they can move interdependently, powerfully and strategically into action. At its heart, this leadership model is about building the power of oppressed people to change themselves, their relationship, material conditions in their communities, and the systems and structures that shape these conditions. It recognizes that institutions, historical forces, media, and culture teach individuals to embody racist, classist, sexist, and homophobic systems of oppression, even as they are working to change them. In order to create radical systemic change, we believe community leaders need to transform themselves and the institutions that harbor these belief systems.

We start with this internal work, which is in effect a demand on ourselves and our organizations, and build a foundation of self-awareness, dignity and compassion, authentic communication, and intentional action that is necessary for effective campaign work. We move this leadership work through trainings, one-on-ones, and in organizing committees.

At the center of our approach is somatics, a methodology that works to heal personal and social trauma and powerfully align our actions with our values. This approach recognizes the interdependence of personal and social transformation, and provides a pragmatic approach to both.

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