Our work is possible because of the many partners committed to transforming public education with us!

Replications is a nonprofit school support organization devoted to improving educational outcomes for public school children.

The Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University is a national policy-research and reform support organization that promotes quality education for all children, especially in urban communities.

The Parent Action Committee (PAC) is a multicultural group of concerned parents and community members dedicated to improving the quality of education for all children in New York City with an emphasis on district 9 in the Bronx. We also empower and educate parents on their rights in the New York City public school system.

Center for Supportive Services is driven by the vision that one day, all children will thrive in schools that graduate them prepared for the rigors of college and lives filled with meaningful work, active citizenship, and personal fulfillment.

ID STUDIO THEATER NYC, is committed to the cultural enrichment of immigrant communities through performance arts while creating new audiences and training performers among these communities. ID Studio advances its vision of cultural enrichment and preservation by:

  • Promoting performance arts as a vehicle for building community, raising awareness and creating a safe space for such exploration
  • Engaging in collective action and inter-community dialogue with community leaders
  • Encouraging social transformation through theater and the arts around some of the most prominent social justice issues such as immigration, health, education and youth power.