Parent Organizing

District 8 Parent Organizing Committee

BronxPOWER is dedicated to building the power of parents to demand quality free public education. To reach this goal we are organizing parents in District 8.  

The committees will: 

  • Learn community organizing skills in order to lead the work of building a critical mass of members
  • Engage in deep political analysis of conditions in public schools to gain awareness of immediate and root causes as they choose their demands
  • Work in their committees to identify issues and move campaigns

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Teller Campus Parent Organizing Committee

In partnership with the New Settlement Parent Action Committee, Center for Supportive Schools and the Coalition for Educational Justice we are leading a parent organizing committee at the Teller Campus.  

This is part of our work to support the NYC Community Schools Initiative, one of the largest school improvement initiatives of its kind in the nation. We believe our collective work provide an unprecedented opportunity to advance racial equality across the school system and nourish transformative parent engagement as a cornerstone of school improvement.

We will use the community school model to not only ensure services for youth and families, but to continue to build the power of the school community to improve conditions for students both inside and outside the school building and improve public schools. We will learn from the model at Teller and replicate it in other schools.

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