About Us

“Education is the property of no one. It belongs to the people as a whole, and if education is not given to the people, they will have to take it.”

– Che Guevarra



We envision a Bronx where every resident lives free from fear, violence and oppression in healthy communities with full employment, quality education and safe, affordable housing.


BronxPOWER organizes poor and working class immigrants and people of color to create change in people’s lives through transformative leadership development and healing trauma.  We build community power and social movements to win radical change on local issues and transform broader social, political, and economic systems.

Our current work is to radically transform public education in NYC and help create schools that are the center of community, with parents and students voices at the forefront. We are working to increase direct investment in public education and decrease investment in the incarceration of youth, towards fundamentally ending the kindergarten to prison pipeline.